As a management consulting firm, VAIIM Consulting provides corporate strategy, business strategy, marketing strategy and Big Data analysis in ICT, Healthcare, AI and other industries.

Industry Expertise

  • As differentiation in telecommunication sector becomes difficult with advancement in network system, we derived micro-segmentation strategy taking consumer’s interests and current trends into consideration, in order to create lifetime value.
  • As location-based information paradigm shifts with the common usage of smartphone and mobile navigation, we derived profit maximization strategy in LBS(Location Based Service) for a leading telecommunication company.
  • Provided business strategy for the telecommunication company’s portal( and social network(Cyworld) since its launch, and advised long-term operation and investment plans.
  • Conducted multiple projects covering industries such as e-commerce, media, game, as well as China market penetration strategy from analyzing business feasibility to establishing business action-plan.
  • Provided advisory for a leading telecommunication company to position as IoT market leader by analyzing main players, identifying main service area and required technical skills.
  • By strategic digital transformation of a leading household electronics to succeed in IoT platform business, we provided advisory in corporate visioning, portfolio management, platform designing, and operational action-plans.
  • Conducted multiple projects related to IT device such as activity tracker market penetration, global projector market research, and consumer electronics’ device UX strategy.
  • Provided advisory to build long-term development strategy for a top-tier general hospital in search for the paths to overcome increasing healthcare cost, and developed actionable plans that led changes in hospital policy, organizational structure, performance management, spatial management, etc.
  • Provided market strategy for a leading conglomerate entering healthcare industry, to drive better decision in global market expansion and business management.
  • Leveraged innovative technology to build ICT convergence healthcare business model for a healthcare solution provider, and developed B2B, B2C health management product in convergence with wearable device, insurance product, or care institutes, etc.
  • Established globalization and export strategy for Korea’s advanced Hospital Information System(HIS), PACS and Smart Hospital solution, and supported the export of healthcare ICT by analyzing market environment, developing marketing plan, investment scheme, and price negotiation strategy.
  • Provided total service for building a hospital, from market feasibility analysis, master-plan development and regional evaluation. Also, we conducted management consulting  prior to hospital opening by reviewing the commissioning status and provided recommendation.
  • Delivered the consulting service for a top-tier hospital from supporting R&BD(Research & Business Development), developing business strategy to establish marketing plan of medical devices.
  • Developed direction for the logistics platform and provided a value proposition, and defined specific functions for each module and computed budget, taking the end-goal into account.
  • Deduced BPO feasibility through analysis on both internal and external business areas and found implications in each assessment.
  • For BPO as a new business for the ICT player, we planned strategies for each type of logistics, and produced scenario reports for each step of their business roadmap.
  • Planned a strategy for launching the music streaming service for Telco, direction of the service development, and countermeasures for growing usage of smartphones.
  • Advised an effective marketing plan for the largest music streaming service player, and initiated reestablishment of consumer segmentation based on big data analysis.
  • Analyzed their business portfolio, explored new products and developed new business models for major Telco’s media/video business.
  • Analyzed the impact and found insights/implications from disruptive changes in media industry caused by the prevalence of mobile phones, and occurrence of Multi Channel Network (MCN) for content platform players.
  • Established the launching and marketing strategy by setting a target market for our platform business partner, in which the platform developed to cope with the transformation in commerce industry due to the expansion of O2O(Online to Offline) business.
  • Provided market forecast of mobile payment, which is one of the core values in the platform business to invigorate the commerce and O2O, and recommended business strategy and operation plan for possible scenarios.
  • Analyzed market trends and delivered our insights in commerce, O2O, payment market, to allow our clients to be informed of ICT platform trends and to prepare for major issues regarding fast-changing platform industry.
  • Established overall business strategy for a major telecommunication company to become a leading player in voice-based AI speaker market, by analyzing market trends and benchmarking local/global players’ strategic goal and initiatives.
  • In order to cope with the competitive situation result by continuous launch of voice-based AI speaker and smartphone AI assistant service, we derived most appropriate service features for each PoC and evaluated competitiveness according to each service domain. Then we derived required technologic capability to deliver thorough implementation and alliance plan.
  • As the emerging technology (Robotics, AI, IoT, etc.) is expected to shift logistics paradigm, we provided market insights for a 4PL logistics player to build differentiated & sustainable Intelligence Platform, and established business model as well as development plan.
  • For business development of smartphone AI assistant, we analyzed the market environment of Intelligence Assistant and competitor dynamics, in order to assess business feasibility and deliver key market insights.
  • In order to strengthen a physical security provider’s long-term growth engines based on AI technology, we established business strategy and set direction toward future physical security service and implementation plan based on AI monitoring & control system.
  • In order to dominate AI speaker market and to expand its ecosystem, we established strategy and business value system of Open Platform and provided fund management plans for a major telecommunication company to support 2nd/3rd party.
  • Conducted studies on the application of AI in healthcare industry, and analyzed the impact and paradigm shift in medical imaging, patient support, hospital process innovation, etc. Also, we conducted practical AI training through the joint workshops with hospital medical staffs.

Consulting Services

Corporate Strategy

We provide advisory service in corporate visioning, portfolio management, investment and globalization.

Business Strategy

We provide growth and innovation strategy for the existing business, as well as advisory in new business development.

Marketing Strategy

We provide advisory service covering overall lifecycle of marketing strategy from customer segmentation, 4P strategy, marketing infrastructure, etc.

Data Analytics

We provide Big Data analytics service covering advanced data analysis, modeling, and forecasting.