Project Description


  • Domestic security industry grows around workforce based dispatching service and attempts to expand into relevant areas, and currently the top 2 companies form an oligopoly.
  • Competition expands and market dynamics was changing in security industry due to the various companies including platform provider, telco and start-up entered the security industry directly or provide security service through partnership, based on technology advancement.


  • Analyzed competition changes between incumbent service provider and new entrants and predicted direction of changes in security industry.
  • Diagnosed competence and status of essential components such as device, collected data, and manpower capacity.
  • Suggested step-by-step goals and business direction considering infra construction and competency securing.
  • Gave shape to a plan that the advancement of AI-based control, provision of new services and expansion of services in SOHO and home/personal market, and enhancement service delivery system.


  • Devised competitiveness securing strategy based on AI-focused digital transformation, and service expansion strategy according to customer type.
  • Defined competencies and digital elements need to be acquired sequentially and developed concrete business plans.