Project Description


  • A telecommunication company has expanded its service line, such as IoT, wearable devices and App.
  • Consumer’s behavior is changing rapidly, fueled by emerging technology and mobile-friendly environment.
  • Under this circumstance, the client needed to find a ways to transform current distribution channel and innovate customer experience.


  • Analyzed the emerging and changing trends in each step of customer journey.
  • Examined key business players applying omni-channel strategy, both in the retail and the telecommunication industry, identified key features and the impact of the channel strategy.
  • Identified the strength/weakness of each channel(premium store, online/offline, mobile, etc.) to meet customer needs, and established a channel strategy to enhance customer experience and promote sales.


  • Delivered an omni-channel strategy in each step of the customer journey.
    (i.e. acknowledge, search/experience, purchase, after service)