Project Description


  • ICT promoted cost-reduction in logistics and led process innovation. Its applicability was expected to expand further in the logistics industry.
  • With capable IT based logistics, our client wanted to integrate its individual logistic functions dispersed throughout its subsidiaries as a collective unit.
  • Our client requested for a feasibility test of integrated logistic capabilities, and sought to better discern what was advantageous to each affiliate, and what was applicable as a business strategy considering each of their aspects.


  • Together with professionals from the logistics industry, we formulated a template to diagnose logistic capabilities of relevant subsidiaries by analyzing factors such as logistic costs, quantity of goods transported, logistics centers, 3rd party logistics, and logistics systems.
  • Organized development plans by considering specific aspects of each product through in-depth interviews with each party involved in the project.
  • Examined the logistic capability of each subsidiary and formulated an optimal logistic strategy by analyzing competitor benchmarks and ICT trends.


  • Deduced BPO feasibility from our analysis of implications found in each assessment.
  • Planned strategies for each type of logistics, and produced scenario reports for each step of their business roadmap.
  • Developed a strategy for the implementation of logistics on an IT platform.

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