Project Description


  • The media market was changing rapidly due to the growth of the domestic OTT market, the expansion of competition front between domestic platform player and large entertainment entity, and the growing attraction of domestic media contents in overseas markets.
  • Prediction of future media market landscape and market size and countermeasure to strengthen the influence of client company were needed.


  • Analyzed major factors that change the domestic media market in consumer and provider side.
  • Defined media market landscape in 5 years and selected the most feasible scenario considering domestic market characteristics.
  • Based on selected scenario, developed subscription accounts forecasting model and estimated the volume of pay-tv subscribers, OTT paid subscribers, and domestic/overseas media distribution market size.
  • Formulated business plans including production scale, core resources, and organizational structure to strengthen contents competitiveness, and conducted feasibility review.


  • Estimated future landscape and distribution market volume of domestic media market and set IP business plans
  • Client company is concentrating contents production business and enhancing production capability by building a studio system in which content development, planning, production, investment, and distribution are systematically performed.