Project Description


  • As our client announced their intention to chase IT-based logistics BPO as a new growth engine, a system able to implement accurate data keeping as well as maintaining a strong systemic structure must immediately be established.
  • For prompt and competitive entry into the global logistics market, the client had to provide a unique value to differentiate itself from existing players.


  • Examined latest IT trends and Lessons Learned based on logistic capabilities of both local and global players.
  • Developed a differentiated logistic system together with industry specialized professionals.
  • After evaluating the status quo of relevant subsidiaries, we verified client capabilities for implementing the logistics platform.
  • Assessed schedule and budget in accordance to the business goal.


  • Developed direction of the logistics platform and provided a value proposition.
  • Defined specific functions for each module and computed budget taking end goal into account.
  • Planned a roadmap for each business step by considering the circumstance of the client.

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