Project Description


  • Digital advertisement has emerged as mainstream in advertising market, due to the mobile era has arrived and data & technology that can target precisely, increase advertise efficiency, and monitor advertisement performance has secured.
  • Fostering strategy and grasping current business situation and competence of client company’s digital marketing related subsidiaries were needed to deal with digital marketing market structure to be changed in the future.


  • Defined value chain structure in domestic digital marketing industry, analyzed characteristics and trends of each business area, and prospected changes.
  • Compared key resources and capabilities to leading company, such as workflow, core function, performance measurement and data, and diagnosed competitiveness of client’s digital marketing related subsidiaries.
  • Devised to-be platform image to carry forward successful digital marketing business and developed strategies including operation model, revenue plan, securing experts, and AD tech platform


  • Suggested digital marketing the to-be strategy direction.