Project Description


  • Under the current mobile gaming market structure, which was based on mobile store service platform, it was difficult to close the gap with leading gaming platform provider, some content could be secured through alliances with major publisher, but it was very insufficient compared to leading companies.
  • Investigated the possibility that cloud gaming would be the next disruption in gaming industry and established strategy to secure competitiveness through cloud gaming.


  • Checked platform and technology change in gaming industry, predicted that gaming market shift to cloud gaming through analyzing cloud gaming trend and dynamics.
  • Identified required competences and differentiations to provide cloud gaming service and checked the status and competitiveness of major incumbent company.
  • Derived a business model options based on required capabilities and compared the key investment elements, benefit and risk of each options and proposed a cloud gaming strategy.


  • Established a strategy for cloud gaming store and game community.
  • Derived business model options and proposed priorities of business models and affiliated companies, and direction of partnership.